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El Perro Parlour offers a variety of grooming services for dogs close to the city centre in Peterborough.

Appointments are carried out in a calm and friendly environment on a 1-2-1 basis. 

We only use natural products, no harsh chemicals are used on your dog and all products are eco friendly! 

The Salon


The bathing process is done in a state of the art Hydrobath. This is a powerful yet gentle shower that really gets down through the fur and into the skin. This will inturn give your pooch a lovely massage while leaving them extra clean! The required shampoo for the dogs coat type and condition will be used, this is added to the bath and comes through the shower and recirculated round, then rinsed off leaving the doggies smelling fresh and super clean!


Full Spa Groom

This includes a bath with the required shampoo/conditioner for your dogs coat type and condition, blast, restyle with scissors and or clipping, nail clip, hygiene clip, ear cleaning and fragrance spray. 



A de-shed is great for the double coated breeds that gets rid of all the excess hair that they've built up for the winter. This process involves a brush out, bath, blast and a tidy up. 


Nail Clip

Dogs nails naturally get worn down when they get walked on the pavement but sometimes they need a little trim. This is included in the groom process. 



This involes clipping or scissoring the coat to the desired length and style that you wish your dog to have. Please note, if your dog is servely matted then it will have to be clipped off as this is the kindest option for the dog. 


Puppy Intros

This is a great starter for your new puppy to get use to the groom process. The puppy intro includes a bath, dry, brush, nail clip, ear clean, feet and hygiene tidy, with lots of fuss and play too! 


Hand Stripping

For wire/silk coats. Stripping invloves plucking the coat out either by hand or with a stripping knife. This is carried out if the dog has the correct coat texture and when the coat is ready or 'blown' as some call it. Not all strippable coats can be stripped, especially if the coat has been clipped. It is not advisable for the dog to be bathed straight after a hand-strip as the skin will be more sensitive. 

Blueberry Spa Facial

Give your dog the ultimate special! We use a product designed specially to help reduce tear and beard stains, giving them a lovely massage in the process. It smells amazing also! 

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